KMEA Hall of Fame
Elaine Denise Bernstorf
Inducted in 2017
Elaine Bernstorf received her Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music Education, and Doctor of Philosophy from Wichita State University. She teaches Special Music Education, Elementary Music, and Teacher Education. She is both an author and authority on Special Needs Children and Children with Exceptionalities. She is also nationally recognized for her work with the Organization of American Kodály Educators. She has been giving back to Wichita State and the entire state of Kansas and beyond for her entire professional life.

Since 2012, Elaine has represented Kansas nationally as an NAfME team member for Children with Exceptionalities via the Southwestern Division. Elaine's extensive expertise with the special learner on multiple regional and national committees since 1982 made her the perfect go-to person to initiate KMEA's Special Needs Chair position on the Advisory Board. She has also benefited hundreds of music teachers across the Midwest with her vision of Kodály training to develop audiation skills and a sequential foundation for teaching music.

Lauren Hirsh, Past President of the Kodály Music Educators of Kansas says, "When I reflect on the influence Dr. Elaine Bernstorf has had directly and indirectly in our state, I am so thankful that she chose to make Wichita her home. Her long-term commitment to our field and especially our local community has created opportunities for organizations, individual educators, and school-age musicians here to find their places in a diverse, connected web of thriving arts. Her contribution to our state has been immeasurable."

Sarah Bonner says, "Dr. Bernstorf is an ambassador for music education. She practices connecting cultures through music experiences by her leadership in international education settings."

Graduate teaching assistant Audrey Thomas says, "Never before have I experienced a professor quite like Dr. Bernstorf. She enthusiastically believes that every student can learn with the right accommodations. Dr. Bernstorf offers her students a lifetime of experience and knowledge in music education, a world of opportunity, and care, compassion, and dedication that inspire the future music educators of Kansas."