KMEA Hall of Fame
John W. Taylor
Inducted in 2016
John W. Taylor began his teaching career in Ohio and moved to Kansas in 1989 after finishing his PhD at Ohio State University. John has been Professor of Music and the Director of Bands at Friends University for 27 years. Dr. Taylor supervises music education candidates from Friends, teaches music education classes, instrumental literature and methods, conducting and applied tuba. He is also the advisor for the NAfME Collegiate Chapter at Friends, where the chapter has received multiple citations for growth over the years with many of his students serving in statewide leadership roles for the organization.

John's service to the profession has touched every corner of this state. He has been KMEA President, Southwestern Division President, and since taking over the role of Executive Director for KMEA in 2002 after Don Corbett retired, he has put his own personal stamp on the behind the scenes machinery that makes KMEA run. John has been highly involved in writing and rewriting the Kansas Music Curriculum. He was named Kansas Outstanding Bandmaster by KBA in 2012.

Former KMEA President and Southwestern Division President Gayle McMillen says, "As a teacher, as an organizer, as a leader, as a friend, John pours his heart and his energy into every encounter." Former KMEA President Jean Ney says "I met John when I was a fledgling KMEA District President and John was the KMEA President-Elect, and I could tell that his sharp mind and quick wit coupled with his articulate and passionate nature were going to be good fits for the role he was about to assume. Little did John realize, though, that his role as KMEA State President was his gateway drug of choice."

Former KMEA President Dee Hansen says, "KMEA is an amazing family of strong, determined and forward thinking educators whose support of each other and love of music transcends any organizational entity I have ever encountered. When John took the reins, this cohesion further solidified and the vision of what music educators could accomplish in a single state continued to strengthen.

John's nomination comes from all of the KMEA Presidents who have served in some capacity with John. A common thread appearing throughout the nomination letters was (1.) how exhilarated and yet overwhelmed each felt when elected; (2.) how the "sit down" meeting with John after the election was one of the most terrifying moments of their life; and (3.) at the end of the meeting, every one of us absolutely knew that we would succeed because John Taylor had our back.