KMEA Hall of Fame
Norma Jean Seaton
Inducted in 1996
Norma Jean Seaton was raised in Parsons. She received the BME from Pittsburg State University and the MME from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she studied organ, violin, and music education. Seaton taught in Oswego, at Labette County High School, and in the Parsons Schools until 1991. She studied the Suzuki method of instruction, including a workshop with Dr. Suzuki. Seaton organized the "Parents for Talent Education" in Parsons, and sponsored the Japanese Children's Tour Group to Parsons on two occasions. Seaton was the first public school teacher to be president of KsASTA, and initiated the Junior High String Romp at Rock Springs. She was national president of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.