KMEA Hall of Fame
Paul W. Wohlgemuth
Inducted in 1991
Paul W. Wohlgemuth was born in Oklahoma, and graduated from Tabor College. He received the MS from Kansas State Teachers College (Emporia State University), after which he returned to teach at Tabor College for three years. Wohlgemuth taught for seven years at Biola College and earned his doctorate from the University of Southern California in 1956. He returned to Tabor College as head of the music department in 1960. During his 16 years at Tabor, the music department received NASM accreditation. The Tabor College Choir, under Wohlgemuth's direction, performed for several KMEA conventions, at the World's Fair, and the U.S. Capitol, and in Romania. In 1976, Wohlgemuth became coordinator of church music at Oral Roberts University. He is author of Rethinking Church Music. Wohlgemuth was president of the National Church Music Fellowship, KMTA, and KsACDA.